Subtly Southern Monogram Options

Please see our monogram font and thread color options below. 

When selecting a monogram font, please consider the monogram formats listed below. Also, please submit your desired monogram name or initial in the exact order you wish to have them embroidered/engraved. 
Please note: Monogram size depends on item size. We will try to embroider the largest possible monogram unless otherwise specified.


**At this time, we are not accepting personal items (not purchased from our website).**

Thank you!


All Things New Sketch (Sketch Fill) 

Benjamin (Sketch Fill) 


Block Shadow (Satin Fill) 

Bonnie Bean 

Bouncy Block Serif 

Bubbly Satin (2-Color, Satin Fill) 

Camp Notes (2-Color, Sketch Fill) 

Cedarwood (2-Color) 



Classic Circle


Color Ribbon


Copycat (Satin Fill)


Croquet Bay

Cupcake Party 

Curly Girl Serif (2-Color)

Curly Q

Cursive Floss

David Floss


Dino Spikes (2-Color, Sketch Fill)

Dotted Stringy Splinter (2-Color)


Eskimo Kiss Batty

Eskimo Kiss Stars

Eskimo Kisses

Eyes Wide Open

Fishtail (Satin Fill)

Florence Floss (Sketch Fill)


Frisky Jam Bean

Frisky Jam Satin (Satin Fill)

Georgia Classic

Girly Goose (Satin Fill)

Good Vibes

Graceful (Satin Fill)

Hand Printed

Hodgepodgery Floss


Interlocking Vine

Interlocking Vine Floss




Love Rawr

Maggie Scribble

Master Circle


Night Owl (2-Color, Satin Fill)


Oink Owl

Oscar Scribble

Sawyer Bay

Scalloped (2-Color, Sketch Fill)

Scooter Sketch (2-Color, Sketch Fill)

September Floss


Seven Sixteen (2-Color)


Sherman Vintage

Smell the Roses

So Jelly (2-Color, Sketch Fill)

Spooky Bones

Spring Candy Sketch (Sketch Fill)


Studmuffin (Sketch Fill)


Sweet Pea

Tall Serif Satin Bean (2-Color, Satin Fill)

Trenton Presley

Vintage Olivia

Walk Away (Sketch Font)

Watermelon (Satin Fill)

Watermelon Margarita Sketch (Sketch Fill)


William Double (2-Color)



PLEASE NOTE: When ordering an item with personalized monogramming, 

please choose both a font option and a thread color (see choices above).